I Finally Beat the Original Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Collector Promotion Disc Art
PIcked up this awesome Zelda collection at Goodwill for like $3, what a deal!

Playing the Legend of Zelda Finally

After being a lifetime fan of the Legend of Zelda series, I finally went back and beat the first one.
I have vague memories of playing Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros when I was super young and doing alright, but as far as Zelda, I remember on a few terrible attempts that ended very quickly. It being very challenging and definitely lacking guidance compared to more contemporary games. You really had to find your own way, at least around the overworld.
But I finally did it! It was  really good time and a relatively quick and dense experience as far as games today go. Maybe I’m being a bit naive,  but I was really surprused athow many elements of the game were basically unchanged. I realize that this is the basis for the entire series, but I just thought more would have been developed and innovated since this game, but I guess if its not broke, why fix it!
The graphics are different obviously, but with the current resurgence of games focused on pixel art and animations, it didn’t feel as dated as you might think. I did use a walkthrough online to get me where I needed to go in the overworld, the dungeons are numbered but it would’ve taken more time on the trial and error approach than I hoped to spend on the game. The dungeons were all a blast, it was just another Zelda game really, exporing around, solving puzzles and finding new items. There were a few little secrets that the game hinted you into solving, but the hints were pretty vague in some cases as far as helping you solve the problems (like buying food to feed that one monster). It brought me back to the idea of playing a single player game back in the day with all of your friends who also played and helping each other to discover the way.

Takeaways from the Legend of Zelda

It was an awesome trip down memory lane though, and a notable lesson about the history of video games and how things used to be. There really was no hand holding in this, without a walkthrough it would’ve been all on me to figure out what to do next and how to proceed. It shows why there is a crowd, which I am a part of, that loves the Dark Souls series complicated game play and utter lack of guidance.
I love playing games for fun, but you can also find a sense of accomplishment in them. I don’t like leaving anything unfinished for any reason, including games, so I’ve been going back through what I have and finishing quite a few. I’m entertaining the idea of attempting to beat every Legend of Zelda game that I haven’t yet, which mostly boils down to the older and portable entries in the series. The disc I have does include Zelda 2 as well anyway…
Have you gone back and played any games from your past or an early entry in a longstanding franchise you love? What did you think of the experience? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy Gaming!

3 thoughts on “I Finally Beat the Original Legend of Zelda

  1. It’s really funny that I found this. I don’t have any older gaming consoles (ex. Nintendo, super nintendo), so I can’t play any of what I consider to be the best games out there. The only Zelda Games up to Twilight Princess that I haven’t beaten is, Zelda II and Majora’s Mask.

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    1. Its crazy how, with all the pages out there, you always end up finding something random that reflects you personally whenever you’re browsing. I personally really enjoyed Majora’s Mask, its a unique and great entry in the series. As far as Zelda 2, I’m in the same boat, but it’s on the same collection disc so I’ve already started playing!


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