Beer or Cars? He Asked…

Beer vs cars

Choosing Between Passions Based on Culture

I recently got an amazing opportunity to take on an internship at the Brewers Association in Boulder working on and writing about promoting craft beer through the great avenue of I was honestly ecstatic at the opportunity and jumped through some hurdles to take advantage of it. My previous full-time job, which I’m still working at part time, is marketing and promotion for a local car dealership. Now, I honestly am fascinated with cars, but content creation and marketing for a car dealership isn’t exactly a position at Jalopnik, and car dealerships don’t have much their allowed to say that’s at all interesting. I’m not saying that it hasn’t been a fantastic opportunity, it getting more and more difficult to get into an actual marketing job, and it very well may have paved the way for great things to come. But anyway, when I was talking to my supervisor about starting an internship in the craft beer world, he said something along the lines of, “I guess you just like beer more than car…” and I’ve been thinking about it ever since, its a good question.

The Cultures We Can Work In

They’re obviously not very comparable in many ways beyond being topics that interest a large number of people, but I’m going to give it a shot to break down my thoughts.

I have loved cars since a young age, (+1 for cars because its generally a bad thing if you love beer since a young age) and my fascination has grown and developed as I have. Like all kids, I judged cars by the look of them, then I got into the numbers and specs that come along with bigger engines and advances in technology, now I just love the feelings cars give people. You don’t have to be driving a Ferrari to have the time of your life behind the wheel, you just have to love the vehicle your driving. Although, I do think a stick shift rally help in every case.

That’s where my supervisor at the car dealership loses me, I love cars for the culture behind them, but that really has no link to the convoluted mess that is car dealerships. Working at a dealership or a service center are the most universal ideas of “cars jobs.” I naively thought that marketing for a dealership would be more along the lines of what I’m interested in, it was in some small ways but not significantly. The kind of car job that I want is hard to come by but I can work at it.

I love craft beer and homebrewing, many people do, as the craft beer movement rages as more and more people are sharing their passion with others. Beer has been at the center of many cultures and that’s no different today, but now it’s the minority in the market that getting the attention. Budweiser still dominates the majority, but you don’t hear many stories about their new products and innovations. It’s an exciting time to beer in the beer industry, and the culture surrounding it is the reason why. I love cars and business but right now, the business of beer is where I want to be. We’ll see where it leads me…

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