3 Functional Features You Should Look for in a Beer Glass

tulip glass craft beer

Craft Beer Glassware Has Been Proven to Enhance Your Drinking Experience

Craft beer is a growing rapidly in the U.S. and worldwide with over 15% of the beer market that has long been dominated by the macro breweries like Anheuser Busch and Miller-Coors. Along with the growth of America’s taste for craft beer, so has the appeal of glassware specifically designed to accentuate the flavor and aroma of your favorite beers. Many people think that beer specific glassware is all about the marketing, brands want you to be seen with a glass bearing their logo, that’s true in some circumstances. Pint glasses are incredibly popular because they’re cheap and durable, but they’re meant for water not beer. A ton of brands choose to brand pint glasses for the same reasons, but pint glasses have none of the glassware features that can enhance your drinking experience. Here’s a breakdown of the features that will optimize your beer drinking experience.

1. The Stem

Stems aren’t just for wine glasses! You wouldn’t believe how much heat is transferred from the palm of your hand into your beer when you’re using a pint glass, stem in glassware allow you to either hold the beer or the stem so you can mange its temperature accordingly. Stems don’t have to be dainty and impossibly thin glass components, they can be any part of a glass that narrows so that as much of your beer is protected from your hot hands as possible. This makes glasses with stems even more important fro summer day drinking.

2. The Bulb

The part of the above tulip glass that looks like a light bulb. It protects the flavor and the aroma of your brew and aims it right wear you want it. A bulb directs a beers signature aroma out of the center of the top of the glass right where your nose is while you drink so that fully experience its aroma. The narrow top of a bulb has been proven by Japanese researchers to catch ethanol vapor around the rim of the glass to keep it as part of the flavor and prevent it from interfering with the beers proper aroma. 

3. A Narrow Mouth

Head is an exceedingly important part of your beer, that’s why a perfect pour still has a healthy head on top. The head of a beer protects the flavor and aroma from air and oxygen after its been poured out of the bottle or can. A narrow mouth on a beer glass promotes the perfect head on every pour and helps to keep it around for longer after its initial pour. This keeps your beer tasting fresh for as long as possible, which is just great.
 These 3 simple features allow you to get the most out of every beer you drink, whether it’s Pliny the Elder or Miller High Life. And, despite all the benefits for your favorite beer, these glasses are barely more expensive than the branded pint glasses you were about to pick up and there’s actually functional reasons to spring for them. Most people don’t want to get a glass for every beer variety, and for most of us that isn’t at all necessary. A nice tulip glass will complement every beer variety with each of the features listed above. 
Keep you pint glasses for water and soda, but when you’re enjoying a beverage that real work and craftsmanship when into, get a glass that can handle the responsibility. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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