Both the Nintendo NX and Zelda Wii U Will Be Released in 2017

Nintendo NX Zelda-2

The Nintendo faithful received some rough news this morning, and some nice insight. At an investor meeting, Nintendo revealed that the Legend of Zelda for Wii U has been delayed into 2017. I haven’t bought a Wii U yet, but I have been tempted a few times by experiences like Splatoon and the Smash Bros. I haven’t jumped on it yet and might not now. The reason being, at that same meeting they announced that the Nintendo NX will ship worldwide in March 2017 and a version of the new Zelda will come to the NX simultaneously with the Wii U. Among the storm of rumors, this could spoil every potential Wii U sale this year.

Nintendo NX Zelda-1
Some new art tweeted out by Nintendo

Nintendo is Putting the Wii U Out to Pasture

I’m committed to the Legend of Zelda and that might have been my system seller, and I am not at all alone in this regard. A ton of fans already bought the system with the promised next Zelda installment in mind and hopefully this news doesn’t invalidate the purchase in their eyes. My other curiosities about the Wii U are predominantly Splatoon, Smash, and Mario Kart, only the first of which I haven’t been able to play yet. Rumors have been circulating for weeks about a strong launch lineup from Nintendo for the NX, including ports of current versions of Smash Bros and Splatoon. Now that the NX has a release date and the new Zelda has been confirmed for it, my interest in the Wii U has almost completely withered.

I don’t buy too many console games and the Wii U has a strong enough first party library to meet my interests, along with my PC. Now that the NX is confirmed for early next year though, I’m not sure I’m into buying games with an almost certain potential of replacing them with better versions on a better system within a year. Even if the NX is delayed, *fingers crossed it’s not* it would be hard to justify the purchase when something that is hopefully far superior is right over the horizon and the current product almost certainly will lose support.

The NX Could Be Incredible, if I Only Knew Anything About it…

That being said, I am chomping at the bit for legitimate NX news, now more than ever. Now that we know that Zelda is bridging the gap between systems, what else will? Will the rumors of Smash and Splatoon be confirmed as launch titles? That’s about all it would take, along with some actual specs and demonstrations of the hardware, to guarantee this is the first game console I ever pre-order.

Nintendo Legend of Zelda 2016 promise
That one kind of hurts though…

Nintendo also confirmed that Zelda Wii U will be the sole focus of their E3 coverage. It’s nice to hear we’ll finally see more of the game, but I know I’m not the only one who wants to hear just about anything from them about their new console. It’ll be less than a year away by E3, and it would be nice to put the flood of rumors to bed and get some actual news.  2016 looks like it might be a rough year for all the Nintendo fans out there, but 2017 could be the start of something awesome and completely new from one of our favorite companies.

All images courtesy of Nintendo

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