Writing in my Journal, Writing in General

journal writing work ethicWrite More, Do More

I was just writing a quick page in my journal, I’m trying to write at least a page in there each day to build the habit and just get random ideas on paper. I finished the page by saying maybe I’ll try my hand at some video editing and production, but the writing with help with that planning, so I should write first and make some video if I get inspired. I followed that up with a statement up the side of the page, inspiration is work ethic. It stuck out to me. I wrote it over. I’m still thinking about it.

I don’t know if I’ve heard that somewhere random, but more and more of what I believe about work is coming down to that. Writers don’t wait until the perfect story drops into their head and then throw it on a page before they forget. They go and go until something good hits the page. With repetition, that happens more often.  That may not apply to everyone, but that’s what makes sense to me. I know that’s how my work has gone so far, I’m good at some things because I’ve put myself into getting good. That sweat equity is the value and the skill.

I know posts are few and far between on this blog, but those are just the ones that I feel good enough to make it up on the site. I promise there are plenty of posts that are seemingly perfectly ready to go up but never will. Some aren’t about the right stuff. Some turned out to be not as interesting as I thought they would be. Some are good, but I just can’t get them to where I think they could be. Some things aren’t about beer or gaming, but the fact is that I should be writing about whatever I want on here, that’s what a personal blog is for after all. I just am not writing enough, and I shouldn’t be limiting what I’m allowed to think about.

I’m changing that here. I need practice. I need that sweat equity in my blog and writing. I’ve written some things I really like, but not nearly enough, and the rest is just lost. This is my declaration to change that. I’ll write more here. I’ll post what I’ve written more often. It will be more real, and probably a bit messy, but it’ll be more me.

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